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About Us


About Clear Signals

Clear Signals is a Florida-based corporation devoted to helping you communicate your message with the highest degree of clarity possible. We endeavor for our staff and our language services to be the following:  
  • accurate
  • available
  • affordable
  • accommodating
  • well-prepared
  • timely
  • flexible
  • personal
  • pleasant and
  • professional

About our Services

Clear Signals offers four types of Language Services::

Use this table to see which is most appropriate for you.

About our Interpreters

To give your message the highest degree of clarity and accuracy, our interpreters have at least three years' recent consecutive experience with simultaneous interpretation. Our interpreters also have experience interpreting for such industries as:

  • computer hardware
  • software development
  • telecommunications
  • medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • investment and finance
  • manufacturing
  • marketing and distribution
  • and public relations.

Of course, you don't need to host a highly-specialized conference to receive such qualified interpreters. At Clear Signals, we'll always give you the best interpreters available.

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About our Equipment

Clear Signals sells and rents top-of-the-line custom-built receivers. We also offer professional interpretation equipment such as Williams Sound and Sony brands.

We rent and sell equipment such as:

  • tour guide systems
  • receivers
  • microphones
  • sound booths
  • transmitters
  • interpreters' consoles

To give you the best experience possible, we work hard to ensure our state-of-the-art equipment is:

  • fully-functional
  • frequently serviced and
  • regularly updated

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About our Technicians

Clear Signals' professional technicians—who have at least 5 years of audio equipment experience—are specially trained to handle interpretation equipment and to prevent, diagnose, and fix any problems which may arise during your event. When you contract for a full interpretation rental package, our technicians will work on-site at your meeting or conference and stay throughout the entire duration to ensure the equipment is functioning properly at all times.