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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation is a smooth, seamless method of language translation that allows your speaker and delegates to participate in your meeting--each in his own native language--with the natural flow and timing of regular conversation. Every participant speaks and hears the message in their native language.


Your speaker(s) will talk into a microphone in their native language, speaking naturally. They will not have to pause to wait for the interpreters.

Our interpreters, concealed by an attractive--yet understated--sound booth, will listen to the message and simultaneously convey it into another language--all without disrupting the flow of your meeting.

Depending on your needs, a portable interpretation/tour guide system might be a better options.

Your delegates will hear the translation with a small, personal radio receiver they can carry in their pocket.


This service is perfect for any situation where speakers of different languages want to communicate to each other, in real time:

  • classrooms
  • PTA meetings
  • houses of worship
  • factory tours
  • museums
  • government meetings
  • conferences
  • board meetings
  • training sessions
  • courtrooms
  • legal proceedings
  • convocations and
  • conventions.

Related Language Services

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