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Table-top Transmitter - WS-T27

Williams Sound

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Send your message to your audience using our FM-radio transmitters. FM-radio transmission is perfect when you want the flexibility of your message to transmit through walls, allowing your audience to leave the room and yet not miss a single word. Perfect for both simultaneous translation and for single-language transmission.

More info:

The WS-T27 is a large-area, portable FM table-top (base-station) transmitter.

  • LED display
  • Operates in the 72-76 MHz band
  • antenna included
  • power supply included
  • audio cable included
  • Broadcast Range: 3-1000 feet (1-305 meters) from the listening audience
  • 3.5 mm microphone jack (Microphone sold separately)
  • RCA (line-level) jack for connecting to a sound system 
  • Meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements

    Ideal for listening assistance for:

    • small groups,
    • classroom students,
    • medium-to-large-sized churches, 
    • tour group participants,
    • employee training,
    • noisy environments,  
    • business meetings,
    • international convocations, 
    • and more.

    Can be used to wirelessly transmit:

    • simultaneous translation
    • single-language communication
    • music program
    • audio service 

    Working in a high-security environment?

    We also have infrared transmitters available for rent.